Night Angel Fine Art or Digital Print - Various Sizes

Night Angel Fine Art or Digital Print - Various Sizes

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Fine art or digital prints are a great option for starting your art collection!

Fine Art Print Vs. Digital Print

When comparing the matte fine art prints to the digital prints there will be small noticeable differences in the colours and gradients. I find the digital prints have more pop and are glossier and the fine art prints are matte and more subtle. The digital print is a great way to start your art collection. They have excellent overall quality, while the fine art prints are the best possible print, ink, and paper combination with current technology. 

Art Print (Fine Art)

Breathing Color Optica One

  • Matte finish, textured surface with no glare
  • Paper weight of 300gsm
  • Bright white
  • Hand cut edges
  • Perfect for framing
  • Resistant to scratches and fingerprints

Digital Print

Mohawk Radian White Satin Paper

  • Satin finish halfway between matte and glossy
  • Paper weight of 352gsm
  • 4 color print process using toner
  • High definition print
  • FSC Certified
  • Machine cut edges
  • Resistant to fingerprints and scuffing

    Border options for fine art prints

    Since our fine art prints are perfect for framing, we offer border options ranging from 1" to 2".

    Picture showing different border sizes for custom art prints

    How the border works

    Your image is scaled down to leave place for the border. This means that the paper size will always be the size that you order, no matter the size of the border that you choose. A 1" border means that your artwork will be scaled down to leave approximately 1" on each side.